Construction Labor Solutions

Our labor crews perform cleanup, floor protection, demo, materials handling, and flagging for many trades including concrete, waterproofing, roofing, painting, drywall, precast concrete, and flooring.

Common Laborers

Materials Handling

Traffic Control


Trusted Solutions Group (TSG) labor provides field work teams on a daily basis including weekends if needed.

TSG field work teams:

  • Perform the work assigned by our customers’ management team.
  • Are all OSHA10 certified.
  • Are on TSG payroll and TSG workers compensation plan.
  • Fully prepared to work with a full set of PPE and tools.

TSG provides:

  • Transportation coordination as needed.
  • Ongoing mentoring and supervision.

What Sets TSG Apart

All workers are on TSG payroll, WC, and additionally we do all LCP tracker reporting on behalf of our customers. Workers come to job sites with OSHA required PPE and any small tools needed for the job. Employees are drug tested and badged prior to being placed on projects. The same crew will be provided for the duration of the project so you do not have to work with new people every day and waste time that could be utilized towards production having to retrain on the job. If needed TSG provides transportation to job sites that are not Metro accessible so they will be on time and ready to work.

Labor Solutions

TSG provides the temporary to long-term labor solutions you need to complete your project on time and within budget. TSG is the responsible and reliable choice for ramping up your labor workforce.

TSG labor solutions are the bread and butter of the organization. We focus on hiring within the DC community to provide a starting point for those beginning or re-entering the workforce. Our mission is to recruit, train and employ people from underemployed communities.

For more information regarding your labor solution needs, please contact us.

Trusted Solutions Group (TSG) labor solutions provide the following:

• Field work teams on a daily basis including weekends if needed
• Perform the work assigned by our customers’ management team
• OSHA10 certified
• All DC residents registered with DOES
• No risk to you – all TSG employees are on TSG Payroll and Workers Compensation plan
• Prepared to work with a full set of PPE and tools
• Transportation coordination as needed
• Ongoing mentoring and supervision

By working closely with our various trade partners, TSG employees learn first-hand specific trade skills. Our labor workforce participates in the following trades:

• Concrete
• Waterproofing
• Roofing
• Painting
• Drywall
• Precast concrete
• Flooring

Our labor crews perform cleanup, floor protection, demo, materials handling, and flagging.


Read about our satisfied partners.

A reliable source of qualified labor.

Prospect Waterproofing has had the pleasure of teaming with Trusted Solutions on multiple projects. We appreciate that TSG puts DC residents to work. They provide a reliable source of qualified labor to augment our forces. As an added benefit TSG qualifies as a DC MBE and HubZone contractor. We support Trusted Solutions Group.

James N. Stamer
President, Prospect Waterproofing Company

A reliable source of qualified labor.

TSG has been a valuable resource and partner for us over the past 10 years. They consistently provide the immediate help we need with construction labor when unexpected events occur. In addition to the quality labor support, they have a staff comprised of 100% DC residents which helps us meet our requirements for the DOES/First Source Agreements.

Thomas A. McCullough
McCullough Construction, L.L.C.

A reliable source of qualified labor.

I wanted to take a minute to thank TSG for the outstanding performance at our 250 M Street project. After reviewing TSG’s performance with our Senior Superintendent and Project Manager, I found they had great things to say about TSG. The personnel provided to the project were very responsible and worked well with our team and the other subcontractors. Though we did not have a foreman on the site, we had individuals who performed like foreman. And that, in and of itself, is a great testament to the quality people you employ.

Joe Gonzalez
Project Executive, HITT

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Trusted Solutions Group (TSG) provides a wide range of construction services including labor staffing, DC First Source Solutions, and general contracting. TSG is an SBA certified HUBZone business and a DC CBE.

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