“The First Source Law requires all beneficiaries of contractual agreements totaling $300,000 or more are required to enter into a First Source Employment Agreement with Department of Employment Services.”


“First Source ensures that city residents are given priority for new jobs created by municipal financing and development programs.”




  • Under the law, 51% of all new hires on any government-assisted project or contract between $300,000 and $5,000,000 must be District residents.
  • Requires that each government-assisted construction project receiving government assistance totaling $5 million or more must have the following percentage of District of Columbia residents on those projects:

– 70% of common laborer hours




TSG has proudly partnered with the DC Department of Employment Services to create a unique opportunity in helping companies meet their First Source obligations. More than 85% of TSG’s laborers are DC residents that are all registered through DOES. By entering into a First Source agreement with TSG and DOES, your company can count each of our DC resident laborers towards your First Source reporting. Using TSG for your labor solution needs means low risk for you (employees are on our payroll & insurance) while still being the best and most reliable way to meet your First Source obligation.

For more information on the benefits of utilizing TSG’s workforce for First Source solutions,Contact Us.