Executive Search & Recruitment for Construction

We have created a new division under our corporate umbrella: Executive Search & Recruitment. Our desire is to create value for our business clients and provide a seamless solution to commercial construction and First Source Compliance.

TSG, Executive Search & Recruitment will provide key-hire and executive recruiting services for the commercial construction, construction engineering, construction procurement and construction planning industry Segments.  Our specialty is Project Managers, Project Assistants, Site Superintendents, and Program/Project Estimators. We employ a consultative approach to ensure that a candidate’s intangible qualities are aligned with our client’s values and mission. The result: delivering a valuable corporate asset and an authentic leader that will help our partner’s maximize profitability.

Experience & Connections in Construction

As veterans in strategic recruitment, workforce development, construction manpower deployment, and apprenticeship recruiting, we are uniquely qualified to understand your needs, your industry, and your language – saving you time and reducing frustration.  Our direct construction industry experience provides an exceptional perspective and approach to difficult talent needs and career advancement challenges within the construction industry.

Trusted Solutions Group’s goal is to help our construction clients build their dream organization. We can do that by understanding our clients’ vision, goals, and culture and aim further to find candidates whose aspirations, skills, and values are a match, creating an exciting opportunity for both.


Trusted Solutions Group (TSG) labor provides field work teams on a daily basis including weekends if needed.

TSG field work teams:

  • Perform the work assigned by our customers’ management team.
  • Are all OSHA10 certified.
  • Are on TSG payroll and TSG workers compensation plan.
  • Fully prepared to work with a full set of PPE and tools.
  • TSG provides:
  • Transportation coordination as needed.
  • Ongoing mentoring and supervision.

What Sets TSG Apart

All workers are on TSG payroll, WC, and additionally we do all LCP tracker reporting on behalf of our customers. Workers come to job sites with OSHA required PPE and any small tools needed for the job. Employees are drug tested and badged prior to being placed on projects. The same crew will be provided for the duration of the project so you do not have to work with new people every day and waste time that could be utilized towards production having to retrain on the job. If needed TSG provides transportation to job sites that are not Metro accessible so they will be on time and ready to work.

Because our field teams are committed to the construction industry as their chosen profession, we can assist in transitioning them to our clients as possible apprentices or permanent staff members.

We can help you develop a pipeline of industry specific, job ready candidates to help you grow your business.


Listed are a few of our featured clients and partners that we’ve done business with throughout the years.

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Read about our satisfied partners.

Professional, responsive and knowledgeable

Since 2008, Trusted Solutions Group, Inc. has successfully completed numerous bonded projects having total values in excess of $ 32,000,000. All of the bonded projects have been performed in an excellent fashion, to the fullest satisfaction of the project owners. As the bonding agent working on behalf of Trusted Solutions Group, Inc., we have the fullest confidence in the company’s management and financial resources to complete any bonded project. Bonding capacity is available for their next project opportunity…

William Cowan
Vice President of Surety Insurance Associates

About us

Trusted Solutions Group (TSG) provides a wide range of construction services including labor staffing, DC First Source Solutions, and general contracting. TSG is an SBA certified HUBZone business and a DC CBE.

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